Medical Marijuana Information and Law
YES! You still need your medical card to shop here....

Doctor Information
There are no medical marijuana specific doctors in Fremont County.  Below is a list of qualified doctors in our area:

Vibrant Health Clinic
313 North Tejon St.,Suite 11
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Relaxed Clarity, LLC
3133 North El Paso Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Pro MD's
2709 North Elizabeth St.
Pueblo, CO 81001

Nonstop Wellness
27050 E. Hwy 50 Unit B3
Pueblo, Co 81006

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Amendment 64
​ With the passing of A64 in Colorado, many people are confused about what you can and can not do.  Here are a few F.A.Q's:
1. Can anyone come in to a center and purchase marijuana? NO, only people with a medical marijuana card may purchase at MMJ shops. However, recreational shops are now open in some areas. All you need is a valid I.D.
2. How much product can a person have on them? If you do not have your mmj card, you can have 1 ounce and grow 6 plants, IN PRIVATE.
3. When will we be able to come in a center and buy? January 1st, 2014.
4. Should I keep my mmj card? We encourage our patients to keep their cards, due to high recreational taxes, and lower potency products.
5. What does this mean for mmj centers? Centers have the choice to stay medical or turn recreational, depending on their local jurisdictions. Medical centers will sell only to medical patients.
Medical Marijuana Contact Info

Colorado Department of Revenue: Info for caregivership, mmjd paperwork, laws and regulations

Colorado Department of Health and Environment: Info for status of mmj card, renewal of card, MMR newsletters

If you have not received your MMJ card and it has been more than 40 days, call 303.692.2184 ext. #3