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  1. 2016
    Fremont County Commissioners restricting growth for FCC
    07/25/2016 Friends of FCC, We would like to thank you for supporting our business these last six years. As many of you know, the cannabis industry has been very difficult to navigate. We have ran into many troubles and tribulations but have also had a lot of great times and success. With this being said, we want to make you all aware of our current situation. At the beginning of the year, we were notified by the owner of the greenhouses we had been leasing that he had found a new tenant. We had a 30 day notice to find a new location and move out of our old one. We made contact with Fremont County Planning and Zoning being as our MMC is in this jurisdiction. Currently, there is a moratorium on any new businesses; however, we are an existing business and P&Z said they would like to have our grow here, as long as we found a proper location. We found a location in April, leased it, had it inspected by P&Z and thought we were moving forward. Well, now almost four months later, Planning and Zoning is still dragging their feet. At the moment, we have a small amount of product from our last harvest, but we will have to start purchasing our products from a third party very soon. Since we are not growing, this means we can no longer guarantee a pesticide, mold free product. We will continue to source the best product available and demand testing results. We thank you for supporting us during this time of trials. Product and variety will be low for a while, but hopefully we will be back in full production in the next couple of months. If we do not get an approval from Fremont County Planning and Zoning very soon, we will have to close our doors. If you would like to support us in a big way, please contact our representatives at the county and let them know that we are important to this community. Matt Koch-(719)-276-7360 planning@fremontco.com Tim Payne-(719) 276-7300 tim.payne@fremontco.com Debbie Bell-(719) 276-7300 debbie.bell@fremontco.com Ed Norden-(719) 276-7300 ed.norden@fremontco.com Again, we are incredibly thankful for this opportunity to continue to serve Fremont County. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Dana at fcc.bookkeeping@gmail.com. Kindly, Fremont County Cannabis staff
Have questions about cooking with cannabis?  Monthly classes are being offered by FCC.  Suggest a theme for our next class!
Fremont County Cannabis has been transitioning throughout 2016.  Big changes have happended under the radar and soon we will reveal our new ventures with the world.  Thanks for supporting us through this very stressful and exciting time!
FCC is a proud community contributor.  If you know of anyone who needs a hand up or an organization that needs some time, contact us!  
THANK YOU, Fremont County, for voting FCC as your favorite Medical Marijuana Center!  We <3 you!